Utuado Flag Coffee Mug - Best Puerto Rico Mug

If you're anything like me, you love everything about Puerto Rico reminiscing on where we are from!

I have always wanted to share Puerto Rico with the every one, letting them know how truly beautiful it is! So what's a better way than sharing some coffee with your friend in your awesome Puerto Rico Mug.

So here's what's so awesome about this mug!

So, here are my top 5 reasons
1. Uhh... what's better than Utuado, Puerto Rico?!

Utuado is one of the most beautiful places to travel to in Puerto Rico. I hope you like mountains because there's plenty of those and lots of hidden swimming holes in the mountains.

2. Utuado has probably one of the, if not the coolest flag in Puerto Rico!

It brings us all the way back to the Taino Indians the original inhabitants of Puerto Rico

3. Smooth and shiny surface!

Ok I get it's just a mug, but wait until you see this shiny mug.. You'll be stund by its look and feel! Just by looking at it you can see how sweet and soft that surface is! Check it out here! Utuado Coffee Mug

4. Perfect way to kick off your morning with a cup of cafe/coffee !

Every morning you can reminisce on all the great thing about Utuado, Puerto Rico.

5. This Utuado Coffee Mug makes a great gift !

I've given this one and many like this as a gift and boy were they loving it! Hey if you don't believe me check the video out below!

Utuado Coffee Mug Video