puerto rico dominoes
puerto rican dominoes
puerto rican dominoes set

Puerto Rico Dominoes Set | Puerto Rican Flag Style Dominoes | Double Six

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Enjoy playing Puerto Rican Dominoes with this set of dominoes. Sleek design and high quality finish. Every time our family gets together someone is playing dominoes - traditional boricua thing to do. Whether its passing time or hanging with friends nothing is better than playing Puerto Rico dominoes creating memories that last!
  • Domino Puerto Rico
  • A lot fun - specially with family and friends!
  • Gold plated spinners in the center
  • Double Six Dominoes
  • Full Size Puerto Rican Dominoes - 2" x 1" / 28 pcs
  • Fast Same Day Shipping - Shipped with Tracking Number
  • Selling FAST at this low price!
Dominoes is a classic game played throughout the Caribbean. In Puerto Rico, we play with the traditional Double 6. Capicú!

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